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Social Workers, Radiographers & Paramedics

In order to practise in the UK, social workers and health care staff such as paramedics and radiographers need to be registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC). Find out about how to go about it here.

HCPC Registration
In order to be added to the HCPC social work register you must:

1. Have an approved qualification which is equivalent to the UK qualification.
2. Meet the requirements of the regulator's code of conduct and undergo background checks to ensure you have no criminal convictions that would make you ineligible to work with vulnerable adults or children.
3. Complete the HCPC Application Form
4. Submit certified proof of your identity e.g. passport or National Identity Card
5. Submit proof of current address in your name e.g. a bank statement or Utility bill.
6. Submit certified copies of qualifications and translations of these qualifications. (if not in English)
7. Details regarding the content and duration of your training
8. Course Information Form which you may download from the HCPC website. This form must be completed and certified by the awarding institution. The Course Information Form needs to set out a detailed description of the content of the modules and subjects studied, as well as any practical experience gained during the course.
9. Have a CV that details your professional experience, including internships. The HCPC will contact chosen employers/supervisors to confirm the information you provide. Please only give details of posts relevant to your profession.

10. We encourage you to provide additional information from your employer / supervisor separately to supplement the details provided.

HCPC costs
• £495 -which has to be paid when your application is received by HCPC. Some employers may offer funding to cover this cost; your Recruitment Consultant will be able to confirm this when discussing the roles.
• £180 - 2 years membership fee - which has to be paid at the end of the registration process (HCPC will contact you directly for this payment).

The registration process can take up to 16 weeks.

You are required to demonstrate your English language proficiency by passing either IELTS or alternative proof of competence in English. Read about the IELTS test here and find out how we can help you pass the IELTS modules.

English Language Requirements
1. Applicants whose first language is not English are required to provide a language test certificate as evidence of their proficiency.
2. IELTS overall score 7.0 with no element below 6.5.
3. Where the applicant proposes to rely upon a non-IELTS test score, it will be the applicant's responsibility to provide evidence that it is comparable to the requisite IELTS level. Failure to do so will delay the processing of your application.

IELTS study programmes
We have devised a programme to help you prepare for your IELTS test. The programme includes tutor-led courses and exam practice on how to pass your IELTS test.

Where can I take my IELTS test? How much does it cost?
Your dedicated Priority Professional Placements consultant will help you through the process and explain where you can take your test. Globally, IELTS is available in 140 countries at over 1,100 test centres. The IELTS test costs $USD265 per sitting.

Professional Registration Requirements

1. A valid registration or licence without restriction with the relevant Licensing Authority/Registration Body in the country in which you qualified or have been practicing.

International applications process

1 Submit Application form and fee

The first stage is to submit your application for processing with all the required documents attached. HCPC will then look at the application form and either reject the application or start processing it.

Payment for this application only - Once your application has started being processed, you will receive an email from internationalpayments@hcpc-uk.org with a link to WorldPay payment service. HCPC will take the scrutiny payment (£495) at this stage. HCPC will contact you with a confirmation of receipt and of a confirmation of payment.

If your application is not accepted for processing because of missing information, HCPC will return it to the address on the form. You will then need to resubmit your application.

2 Receive confirmation and reference number

HCPC will also provide you with the application reference number. This reference number is important and you should use this each time you contact the HCPC to discuss your application through each stage.

3 Processing and assessment

Initial processing - within four weeks from receipt

During this period HCPC will contact your education provider, any relevant regulatory or professional bodies and any professional referees. HCPC may also ask an outside agency to conduct these checks on their behalf. This is to verify the information that you have provided. HCPC will not wait to hear from these contacts before sending your application to the next stage. You do not need to do anything until HCPC have notified you of the outcome of the next stage of the process.

Assessment - within 60 working days from receipt

The next stage is the assessment of your regulated education and training (for practice in another relevant European state) and any other relevant education, training or experience.

Your application will be sent to two assessors from the part of the Register to which you are applying. They will consider all of the information that you have submitted before making their recommendation.

First, they will compare your regulated education and training with our standards of proficiency. If they identify shortfalls, they will look to see if these have been made up through any other relevant education, training or experience. They will then send a recommendation to the Education and Training Committee (ETC). This recommendation will be then reviewed by the ETC who will send their decision to you.

Please note that HCPC can only base their decision on the information provided in the application. HCPC do not contact referees, training institutions, or employers to obtain further information about your training or work experience.
HCPC will endeavour to send a Record of Assessment to you within 60 working days of receipt. This Record of Assessment may include a request for further information which will prolong the processing time of your application. For this reason, it is important that you include as much relevant information as possible when you submit your application.

4 Decision letter

All applicants will receive a decision letter notifying them about the outcome of their application. In successful cases this will confirm their addition to the Register.

Visa Application
Priority Professional Placements will assist you in securing a work permit/visa.